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Is your business or organisation online ?

The Wickedweblets website can also professionally represents your business or organisation by using our innovative feature packed profile page known as a Weblet.

By clicking on your business link the general public will be presented with an information rich mini web page that showcases what your business has to offer allowing them to quickly and easily find out up to date information about your organisation or business

The amazing thing about having a microsite is that it can be any size, compatible on most devices, and can vary in designs. A microsites purpose is to deliver specific contents in relations to a definitive topic.

In the world of the internet, its a brilliant tool for businesses or organisations and can help promote awareness and your objectives call Eddie on 07901946277

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With Our Weblets Your Business Or Organisation Exists Far Beyond Your Front Door With the Internet now an established part of marketing, all companies or businesses will eventually have an Internet presence.This is a problem for most smaller enterprises as the need for a high quality presence which is being produced at the higher end of the market is not only out-of-budget but the hype and technology is often a deterrent.

Our weblets solves these problems by giving a complete, affordable package that can be rented with a small upfront' fee. Weblets looks after your domain name, hosting and emails so that you never have to worry about the 'techie' side of web sites. Just choose your style and colours and send your copy and images to us – Wicked Weblets does it all for you. My Friend can build me a website Believe us, it rarely works. And you end up pressurising a good friendship into a not very good working relationship. The other extreme is a bespoke site with creative logos and images – costs far more than you want to pay. Of course you could always be your own webmaster and grab a package off a shelf but don't you want to concentrate on your own business and not worry about jpgs and HTML and CSS?. Rent a weblet from us for as little as £50 per year thats just under a £1 a week (that includes set up fee) and all of the above problems are solved. Our weblets are also optimized for mobiles,tablets and desktops

Reputation Word of mouth counts for a lot, especially when it comes to the reputation, workmanship and professionalism of those in the home improvement sector. Checking to see if a business has a positive reputation with past clients is a great way of establishing their bona fides. This may be in the form of testimonials or online recommendations - and actually checking to see if they are genuine also makes sense. Contact Us Today and give your business/organisation what it deserves

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