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Word of mouth counts for a lot, especially when it comes to the reputation, workmanship and professionalism of those in the home improvement sector. Checking to see if a business has a positive reputation with past clients is a great way of establishing their bona fides. This may be in the form of testimonials or online recommendations - and actually checking to see if they are genuine also makes sense.
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The Internet Age

We have set about reinventing the directory concept for the internet age. While technology was a big driver to enable this change, our founders had the insight that you needed real service and great people behind that technology to make something great. Our company has been built on that philosophy and 20 years advertising local businesses,and latest local news.Our passionate team still focuses on. Weaving emerging technology with good old fashioned service to constantly innovate the way people get things done.

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With Our Weblets Your Business Or Organisation Exists Far Beyond Your Front Door

With the Internet now an established part of marketing, all companies or businesses will eventually have an Internet presence.This is a problem for most smaller enterprises as the need for a high quality presence which is being produced at the higher end of the market is not only out-of-budget but the hype and technology is often a deterrent.

Our weblets solves these problems by giving a complete, affordable package that can be rented with a small upfront' fee. our tailor made weblets looks after your business so that you never have to worry about the 'techie' side of web sites. Just choose your style and colours and send your copy and images to us – Wicked Weblets does it all for you. My Friend can build me a website believe us, it rarely works. And you end up pressurising a good friendship into a not very good working relationship. The other extreme is a bespoke site with creative logos and images – costs far more than you want to pay. Of course you could always be your own webmaster and grab a package off a shelf but don't you want to concentrate on your own business and not worry about jpgs and HTML and CSS?. Until now these are the basic choices you've been presented with – but now you've got Wicked Weblets. Rent a weblet from us and all of the above problems are solved.

Whether your running a boutique corner shop or large scale corporate businesses, we have the right solutions for you to extend your businesses online. By utilising our extensive experience in business analysis and competitor research, we are able to deliver tailored packages which will, bridge the gap between your online and offline business seamlessly. When it comes to promoting your business online, we also specialised in discovering your market niche, and helping you target the right audiences.

Our weblets are optimized for mobiles,tablets and desktops

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It is also important to communicate with your customers. If they are trying to reach out to you and having a hard time doing so, their experience will be a very poor one which could be devastating to your business after all the effort you put in to creating an amazing experience for your customer with your brand and products or services. Last thing you would want to do is have this tarnished because you missed out on listening to your customers through social outreach

In todays world all businesses should have at least a one page presence on the internet

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